About us

DIGIPARC (Digital Partnership Centre) is a Digital Innovation Hub created to cater to the needs of the North Adriatic region by acting as a support facility for digital transformation of industry, with Rijeka, Croatia, at its heart.

What is so unique about DIGIPARC? This digital innovation hub is one-of-a-kind place in the North Adriatic due to the combination of support mechanisms if offers to the entire digital transformation chain.

Starting with establishing a vision for the future product, service, or business model; assessing the end user’s current state; developing a digital transformation road map; integrating operations and technology at a higher degree than before; and identifying the human resource strategy and organizational structure that will favour innovation and continual improvement, DIGIPARC will cater to the demand side of the market and remain focused on the end user.

The following makes DIGIPARC distinct relative to all other competence centers, clusters, and entrepreneurial support facilities in the vicinity:

  • Combination of know-how deeply rooted in the industrial heritage of the region
  • Combination of institutional partners representing all facets of the regional ecosystem (private sector, local and national governments, higher education institutions, research and innovation companies, development agencies, entrepreneurial support facilities)
  • Availability of expert network and an international pool of knowledge
  • Track record of creating customized, industry-specific solutions
  • Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Focus on co-creation, sharing, and participative collaboration